Bridge Building @ River Bends

Had a good time volunteering for CRAMBA on Sunday 11/4/18 from 10am to 4:15pm, building a new bridge to provide access from the paved trail system to the new CK loop #3.  CK stands for Clinton-Kalamazoo.  As you may know, the Kalamazoo canal system was installed in the 1800’s as a way to transport goods.  The canal system was never used and was abandoned once the railroads took over.  The canal is still visible from Yates cider mill down to the dodge park area.

I was quite whipped out afterwards, and spent the evening relaxing watching netflix in the comfort of my living room with the fireplace running.  Overall it was a great day, no rain, and in the company of people with common interests.  The older guys were the best.  Dan, Joe.  They gave me inspiration on what it’s like to be a 70 year old Billy Bicycle.  Giving back to to the bicycling community.

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