2018 Fat Bike Borealis Crestone Small nicknamed “M”

Borealis Carbondale V2.0 wheelset.  These are the second pair of wheels I’ve owned, and I love them.  They’re tough, easy as hell to configure tubeless, and a decent weight.  The rear rim with the SRAM XX1 XG-1199 10-42 11-Speed Cassette and inferior quality tubeless presta stem tipped the scale at 1694 grams.  Assuming the XG-1199 cassette weighs in at the published 268 grams, leaves the wheel set with rotor at 1,426 grams (3.14 lbs).  A very respectable weight for an 85mm rim.  The front wheel wighed 1329 g, and the Schwable Jumbo Jim Evo Addix Fatbike Folding 26×4.80″ SnakeSkin TL-Easy SpeedGrip stripes blue pulled 1321g on the gravimeter vs the published 1290g

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